Jo Daviess Local Foods is an online farmers' market featuring local food and products. We help producers work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in Jo Daviess County. Instead of you driving all over the countryside to buy from different farms, we collaborate to bring the food to you. You can choose home delivery or a nearby pickup location. We deliver orders every Tuesday, year-round. There is no minimum order, and no requirement to order every week. Ordering from JDLF helps to build and support our local food community, preserve our agricultural land for future use, and reduce our carbon footprint. It also provides you with fresh food that tastes delicious and is good for you. Visit our Product List page to see what is currently available, and check back often for updates! 

We are a SNAP and Link Match retailer! 

To start using your Link card on the JDLF website, please contact Erin, the market manager, at or 815-990-5374. 

Pickup Locations (every Tuesday):

Apple Canyon Lake:  5:00 pm at Firehouse Fitness Center parking lot.
Apple River:  4:30 pm (or later) inside Thriving Thistle Market.
Elizabeth:  4:00 pm at Elizabeth Community Building.
Freeport:  5:00-6:00 pm at Amera's house.
Galena:  4:40-5:00 pm at Irish Cottage parking lot.
Galena Kindred Spirit:  5:15 pm in lower parking lot.
Galena Territory:  4:00-4:15 pm at Shenandoah Riding Center parking lot.
Hanover:  4:15 pm in parking lot behind Great River Market.
Lena:  4:45 pm (or later) in front of Kate's house.
Mt. Carroll:  5:00-6:00 pm inside Big Miniature Farms store.
Savanna:  4:45 pm at farmers’ market pavilion (near Shiver’s Ice Cream).
Stockton:  4:45 pm at Spahn & Rose parking lot.
Warren:  6:00-7:00 pm on the front porch of Amanda's house.
Home Delivery: We can deliver to most places in Jo Daviess County. Contact Erin to confirm details!

Ready to sign up?

PRODUCERS! We are currently accepting new food producers if you can offer a food we don't already have! Register as a Producer and let us know what you are interested in selling.

CUSTOMERS! Would you like to buy fresh healthy food from local producers? If you're ready, Register as a Customer


1. When you click the “Sign Up” link, it will prompt you to enter an email and a password to create your account. The next page to come up will ask for your pickup location (or choose “home delivery” if you prefer that option). Then you will enter your contact info. There is also a checkmark box called, “Send me market updates by email.” If you check this box, you will get an email reminder when the buying window opens. You will also get an email reminder on Tuesday to remind you to pick up your order. If you’d rather NOT receive any of these email reminders, simply leave that box unmarked! 

2. Once you’ve completed that registration page, you can choose to start shopping if the buying window is open (Friday noon to Monday noon). You can sort by categories, by producer, or by attributes. On the shopping page, if an item has multiple size options, an arrow will be next to the price. Clicking that arrow will extend the drop-down menu where you can choose which size you want. You can also click on the item’s picture for more details (ingredients, the "add to favorites list" option, etc). When shopping for meat cuts, sometimes you will see a range in weight for a cut of meat, such as 2.0 to 3.0 lbs. If you select that cut of meat, your shopping cart will show you the high end of the weight range (in this example, the 3.0 lb cut). If the meat producer gives you a cut of meat less than 3 lbs, on Tuesday you will be charged LESS than what showed in your shopping cart. You will never pay MORE than the price that is initially showed to you.

3. You can place multiple orders throughout the buying window, and it will still only charge you one pickup fee, because all orders get combined into one invoice. Putting an item into your shopping cart does NOT reserve that item. You must go and check out right away (“confirm order”) to make sure that item is reserved for you. Your credit card info is required to confirm your first order, and then the website will store that card for future orders (card info can be modified at any time). Your order should say “Confirmed,” but it will also say “Unpaid.” Your credit card will not be charged until Tuesday night, after we know for sure that you received all the items you ordered, and after any credits have been deducted from your balance. After Tuesday night, your order will say, “Paid,” and you will be emailed your final invoice. 

Please visit the "Contact Us" page if you experience any problems or have any questions! Thank you for shopping on JDLF!