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AcroAma Blends
Address: 310 SOUTH ST GALENA, IL, 61036
Phone: 330-414-8881
About Us
AcroAma's spice blends are born of a true and simple passion: to bring the most exquisite flavors and aromas of organic essential herbs and spices to your family table for healthier, livelier meals.
Unique locally mixed spices with great taste, good health and a dash of liveliness blended in.

Our unique Acroganic Process begins at the source, with farmers who are committed to bio-sustainability and organic practices. It is not enough that our herbs come from the finest organic gardens, and are hand crushed for a gentler, healthier way to preserve their benefits. Our blends are non-irradiated and contain no artificial ingredients fragrances or preservatives. The unique blending process brings ingredients to life with exquisite flavors refined by acclaimed chef Stephen Dowe for the most complementing balance of tastes, aromas and health benefits.

Beyond the finest ingredients and astute craftsmanship we believe mealtime should celebrate living. Friends, family, and great food. That is why we created AcroAma.!