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Aunt Beez Greenhouse
Contact: Bridget Zurcher
Address: 3027 W Veta Grande Road Scales Mound, IL, 61075
Phone: 608-778-7491
About Us
Welcome to Aunt Beez Greehouse, located a couple miles outside Scales Mound, IL. We grow all of our produce here at Aunt Beez, starting with our vegetable plant starts or direct seeding into the garden. We do a lot of transplanting and seeding to keep things growing and availalbe throughout the season.

We also have a retail greenhouse from April 1 through mid-June (and again in the FAll for mums) where we sell flowers (annual and perennial), hanging baskets, seeds, fresh produce, potting containers, and veggie/herb starters. We hope you stop by sometime!
We usually do not use any pesticides. If we do, which is very rarely, they are labeled OMRI for organic use. We farm in the middle of conventional farming, so along with other reasons, we choose not to be certified organic. You can, however, trust in that we go to extended lengths to grow produce that is safe to consume directly from the garden, but also in a way that is sustainable.
We utilize cover crops in the Fall through early Spring to keep bare ground at a miniumum, while also utlizing things like Rye to break up our Clay soil chunks and add nutrient back into the earth.
Any excess produce that may have bad spots, blemishes, or not worthy of sale goes to our flock of chickens. Using our chickens as composters, they get a nutritious food source and we in turn receive eggs and compost that goes back into the ground in the Fall.