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Julie's Duck Eggs
Address: 10393C Zion Rd. Savanna, IL, 61074
Phone: 847-436-0054
About Us
Julie's Duck Eggs is a small two-person venture into producing pastured-raised duck eggs primarily for the local market. We're located just north of Savanna, IL in the Driftless region of Carroll county. Our interests in sustainable agriculture and animal welfare made us want to get closer to our food and share that food with others. Max is a native of the area and after many years of living together in Chicago Julie eventually got him to try a move back to the country, and somehow that turned into raising ducks!

Duck eggs are similar in flavor to chicken eggs but have larger, richer, and creamier yolks making for delicious fried or scrambled eggs. Their low water content and high albumin levels also make them excellent for baked goods, and many professional bakers love to use duck eggs! There are also some people that are allergic to chicken eggs but have no issues consuming duck eggs.
It's important to us that our animals receive as much access to the outdoors as possible, and we practice pasture rotation during the growing season to provide fresh pasture for the ducks on a regular basis. Pasture rotation also allows the land to recover and grow even more lush after each time the ducks have had their way with it and left behind plenty of naturally produced fertilizer!

We've bred and hatched many of our ducks ourselves, and the longer we do this the more we hope to reduce our reliance on outside sources of both animals and feed; our ultimate agricultural goal is to be sustainable and largely self-sufficient.