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HolliBerri Icelandics
Contact: Holly, Tom, and Kelsey Marks
Address: 7305 S Krug Rd Elizabeth, IL, 61028
Phone: 309-738-8454
About Us
Holliberri Icelandics is a family owned and operated farmette located outside Elizabeth, Illinois. We specialize in pure bred Icelandic sheep with an emphasis on superior quality, all-natural lamb, including gourmet varieties of burgers and brats, and soft luxurious wool great for knitting, crocheting, and felting. We chose to focus on Icelandics because of the multitude of products that can be produced from this breed. In addition to meat and wool, we sell pelts, skulls, and dryer balls, and hope to some day have a small dairy.
We use rotational grazing during the growing season, and purchase locally-grown hay during the winter. We try to be as organic as possible, understanding that some animals will require medicines if ill. We are there for our sheep from the moment of birth,, and have sourced a processor that is a humane-kill facility, ensuring that each animal is treated as precious throughout its life.