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Driftless Natural Health
Contact: Erin Keyser
Address: 3117 W. Mitchell Rd. Hanover, IL, 61041
Phone: 815-990-5374
About Us
I make nontoxic skincare and cleaning products, and I also write books! I live on a small homestead at the edge of Tapley Woods with my family, five goats, a cat, a dog, and a couple swarms of honeybees. I love nature, gardening, books, yoga, and local food.
Our skin is our largest organ, so it's best to use skincare products that are 100% natural, with zero toxins, preservatives, or strange ingredients you can't even pronounce. I also believe that cleaning products should be natural. If we clean with chemicals, we're breathing in toxic fumes, or pets might lick the chemical and get sick. The more toxins we can avoid, the better our health will be.